Ducted Air Conditioning in Newcastle and the Hunter

We design and install ducted air conditioning across Newcastle & the Hunter region, in residential, office, and industrial locations. If you’re looking for some of the best ducted air conditioning Newcastle has to offer, you’re in the right spot.

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At FernAir we pride ourselves on serving the local Newcastle community, with only top quality products and custom care, honed over the last 25 years of operation. We are extremely proud to offer ActronAir as our preferred product.

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How Ducted Air Conditioning Works

When people think of air conditioners they may think of the wall unit you see in many houses, or the big motor unit you see outside.

Ducted air conditioning is a little different. yes, it has the motor outside too, however it also has another unit tucked away in the roof. These two units combine with a range of piping, also hidden in the roof, to provide cool or warm air to every room in the house.

The great thing about ducted air conditioners is that many offer “zoning”. This means you can divide the various parts of your house in to different areas. You’re able to control the temperature and airflow in each zone. This greatly improves the energy efficiency of ducted air conditioning, and ensures they are surprisingly cheap to run.  This coupled with the innovative technology of the ActronAir systems and controls offers the ultimate solution.

There are essentially three levels of equipment offered by FernAir and Actron:

  • Classic – Actron’s new Series 2 system for multi zone operation, single speed compressor and 3 speed indoor fan
  • ESP Plus and Ultima – uses a variable capacity digital compressor together with a variable speed indoor fan – high efficiency operation – great part-load performance and with the ESP Ultima, individual room temperature control
  • ESP Platinum with QUE – Actron’s state of the art control system coupled with the most efficient air conditioning system on the market using True Inverter technology.

Benefits of Using Ducted Air Conditioners

So, why would you choose ducted air conditioning over the other types of air conditioning on offer?

Well, it could be for any number of reasons, and the first step would be to get some expert advice on what’s right for your needs. That’s where FernAir, with over 20 years experience, comes in – we’re ready and waiting to help you out.

In general though, here are some of the benefits to using ducted air conditioning in your Newcastle or Hunter home:

  • Flexibility – there’s a wide range of options and choice within the ducted air conditioning ranges suitable for your own circumstances
  •  Ducted air con offers zoning, which other systems do not. This allows you to control the temperature and air flow in different areas at different times. You can even program it, so your set-up is totally custom 
  • Modern day ductwork is very technologically advanced, which makes them more efficient and means less conditioned air is lost 
  • The cost to run them can be quite low, especially when you use high energy rated systems 
  • Due to the huge amount of choice in terms of units and components, a ducted air con system can be totally customised to really nail exactly what you’re looking for with your own system 
  •  Systems are getting smarter, with many now able to be controlled via a network connection with your smartphone or internet enabled device. This means you can fire up the air con 20 minutes before getting home, and arrive to total comfort
  •  Ducted air conditioning helps to reduce the internal humidity in your home, and actually circulates purified air throughout your house, constantly, all summer long 
  • Ducted air conditioning is suited to both new and existing homes in Newcastle and the Hunter, so no matter what stage you’re at with your home, there is a system for you
To learn more about ducted air conditioning and the benefits it can bring to your home or business, please get in touch with our team now. We’d be more than happy to provide a free quote.

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