Air Conditioning Systems in Newcastle and the Hunter

Here in Newcastle and the Hunter, we often sit out and enjoy the sunshine. What a wonderful thing it is. However, when we are forced indoors, that same sun can suddenly be less welcome. Rather than wishing it away, there is an easy and affordable way to enjoy the sun outside whilst being cool inside.

FernAir have been in business over 25 years and what’s more, we are local to Newcastle and the Hunter. We are the experts in residential air-conditioning and have brought climate controlled bliss to many homes across the region. If you’ve ever thought about installing air-conditioning then we should be your first call. We will offer you a no obligation quote and you’ll be amazed as to how affordable air conditioning really is. No longer is it an extravagance, it is a cost effective and affordable luxury.

Need to know more, well that’s easy too.  You can ring the team on 02 4962 3600 or email us

We are local to the region, and we care about our customers. We’ve been in business over 20 years, but to us we’re just getting started. We want to continue to build up our good name and business and carry on for another 20 years, and after that, 20 more. To do so we know that the most important element of the business is our clients, and if we continue keeping our clients happy then we may just achieve our goals. If you have any questions, it really is so easy to call the experts, and get you question answered honestly, with no technical talk.

At FernAir we provide different options to you for installation in your home which. This is not the place to become too technical but we will give a little background.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are run around a central extraction duct. This is concealed to the eye, sometimes in the floor, other times in the ceiling. The unit extracts the hot air through the duct and cool air replaces it.

The Duct system offers a flexible solution to your home, enabling you to have different zones within the residence, controlled at different temperatures. This versatility can be customized to suit your home and your needs. With today’s technology, you can even turn the system on from your smartphone so that your home is perfect for when you arrive. Sounds great? It is!

We are ducted experts, and our professional team of knowledgeable technicians and staff will be able to explain the process in full when you ring up to talk to them. Remember, there is no obligation. 02 4962 3600 or

Split Systems

Split system air conditioners are often used where there is less need for zoning. You may want to only control one room, or area and therefore the installation of ducting isn’t viable. From as little as 10 cents per hour, these aesthetically pleasing units are easy to control and maintain and offer a heating mode too if needed. If this sounds more for you, then ring us to have a chat.


Simply the best air conditioning service in Newcastle and the Hunter. That’s how our clients see our work, and that’s how we want to keep it. Because we are the experts and because we are skilled in installation, we are also skilled in servicing the units. We want to keep our clients happy, and the best way is to be the best.


Despite our commitment to excellence, sometimes things go wrong. At times these are beyond our control, but what we do not do is ignore the problem. It is not right until it’s perfect and that is what we look for. So whenever a fault develops, it is not about blame, it is about fixing it. We guarantee that we will solve the problem with our range of air conditioning repair options.

So, hopefully now you’ll see that air-conditioning is within your reach. It is something that you and your family can enjoy at home, and all of this can be achieved by calling our wonderful team on 02 4962 3600 or

We look forward to your call.

Actron Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Systems

Here at FernAir, we have been engaged in providing, installing and maintaining commercial air conditioning in Newcastle and the Hunter for over 25 years.  Our business is primarily based on the Residential market, however we have been engaged by Commercial clients on specialist bespoke designs and installations across our tenure at FernAir.

We are looking forward to many more years providing this specialisation to the commercial air conditioning market in Newcastle and the Hunter.

If we are able to assist please don’t hesitate to call up for a no obligation, free consultation and quote on 02 4962 3600, or email us at