Air Conditioning Service in Newcastle and the Hunter

For over 25 years, we at FernAir have been supporting our clients with preventative maintenance service, helping to protect their investment.

Why service your air conditioning?

You have invested a great deal of money in your system and regular service is a very important part of ensuring your system will provide you with the many years of comfort you expected.  It’s like anything mechanical – it does need to be cared for. Today’s systems are more intelligent than ever with many having their own fault diagnosis functions and error protection. But no matter how clever they are it’s still a great idea to check on it from time to time and take care of the little things that technology can’t do.   To do so is easy, you can call our service team on 02 4962 3600 or you can email us at

Newcastle air conditioning service

We run an Annual Service program each year from August through to early November.  The program obviously has limited places so we need your booking in advance, or should you wish to stay on our regular plan each year.

The Annual Service is designed to inspect those items not usually accessible by the homeowner, our is designed to ensure the system is operating at its most efficient, your ductwork is in sound condition with no air leaks, the electrical connections are all tight with no evidence of overheating, your controls are operational, fans run as they are designed, the heat exchange coils are clean, and most importantly your drain system is cleaned and tested.  The last you want when summer starts is a drain leak or overflow in your roof – just a few things that this comprehensive Annual Service plan provides you.

Once you have become a client of FernAir, you will forever remain a client. We will look to ensure that the service we give you today, is the best we can possibly give. We always push ourselves to improve, we do not sit back and rest on our laurels, to do so would be foolish. We want to maintain our position at the top, not in our own eyes but in the eyes of those that matter most, you, our fantastic clients.

To discuss or book your air conditioning Annual Service in Newcastle and the Hunter please call our team on 02 4962 3600 or email us